We are Swiss chocolate manufacturing company with subsidiary in Macau SAR. Able to output 5000MT of final product annually, we supply chocolate and ingredients to China , ASEAN and Oceania countries. Factory utilizes modern european equipment and cutting-edge technology to meet most demanding quality expectations.

The Process:
To ensure product quality, we cooperate with famous european raw ingredient suppliers. The whole process is computerized, requireing minimum human envolvement hence ensuring best quality and purity of the final product.
To ensure your success with us, we offer:
-International and highly skilled staff with rich experience in food industry.
-Adequate understanding of business forms dealing with partners with different cultural background.
-Flexible approach to suggested forms of partnership.
-Sensitive approach to all inquiries and requests.
-Well organized work through a modern communication facilities.
-Correct understanding of “mutual benefit” and “partner reliability” principles.
We delighted to see you with us!