Why we choose Macau as a headquarter
Macau is located on the coast of South China Sea, bordering with province Guandong and Hong Kong - these two locations are representing powerful industrial and financial base of China. Because of our strategic location we have an easy access to major ASEAN and Oceania markets. Currently one of the hotspots in China, Macau leads China in financial performance, following Hong Kong.
The climate in Macau is pleasant and warm, with average temperature of 10-25°C, which we find perfect for cocoa storage and production.
Macau is the oldest port in South China operating since 1557. Macau Port has free port status, thus the process of customs clearance is fast and smooth.
Some facts about Macau
- According to 2018 census, the population of Macau has reached close to 600000 people.
- Macau riched GDP (PPP) of 70 billion USD, which makes it second in the world.
- Macau benefits from two international airports - Macau and Hong Kong Int’l Airports.
- International visitor flow reached 35 million by year 2018.
- Macau is the hotspot for major trade shows, events and festivals.
- Macau is hosting 75 hotels with total 30000 5*rooms.